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About DadPad

The DadPad® – An essential guide for new dads.

The DadPad® – An essential guide for new dads, supporting new families in working together for their babies.

Written with the NHS and Health Authorities where you live.

New dads will feel excited, but may also feel left out, unsure and overwhelmed. The Dadpad® gives dads-to-be the knowledge and practical skills necessary to support themselves and their partner, so that babies get the best possible start in life.

To complement the original DadPad® set of Cards, the DadPad® has now been developed further as an App to act as an on-the-go supportive guide.

Being rolled out as part of the UK’s Maternity Transformation Programme’s Better Birth’s Strategy, the information and signposting you get will be local to your NHS Trust or relevant Health Authority.

Just click on the area button that applies to you to open up your DadPad® and get to know what you can do as a new dad, and build confidence around subjects such as:

– Holding and handling your baby

– Washing and bathing your baby

– Getting to know your baby

– Getting through the first few months

– Supporting your baby’s mum

– Looking after yourself

– Supporting each other

…..and much more

As new UK NHS Trusts or relevant Health Authorities adopt the DadPad® App, more locations will appear, as will new up-to-date information and features such as explanatory animations and videos.

From the start, the DadPad® has been working with mums, dads, Health Visitors, Midwives and Public Health Teams to provide the most relevant and accurate information available, and continues to do so.

Having chosen to invest in including and engaging with dads-to-be, and wanting to encourage new dads to get involved and come forward with questions and issues they have throughout their partner’s pregnancy and beyond, the DadPad App is free to you.

If your area doesn’t have a button, let us know and we’ll make contact with those who can make it happen!

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