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2023-06-15 12:07:21
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Cult Summoner RPG Summoning

About Cult Summoner

Thrilling Auto-Battle of Merging Creatures: Summon & Merge Your Creepy Warriors

Experience the twisted and chilling realm of Cult Summoner, a haunting roguelike autobattler that will send shivers down your spine. Command a legion of eerie creatures in this dark domain as you test your strategic prowess and dominate the harrowing summoners war.

Unite with fellow adventurers in an unprecedented journey, wielding an unstoppable army of grotesque beings and emerging triumphant in the nightmarish summoners war.

Unleash the Ritual of Summoning:

Cult Summoner beckons you into a realm of forbidden rituals, where your ultimate destiny is to become the revered champion of the summoners war.

The secret to triumph lies within the creatures you summon. Witness the macabre fusion of your party as they morph into even more abominable entities. Behold the metamorphosis of your allies as you summon and merge sinister creatures, amplifying their malevolence and resilience.

Once your legion stands assembled, prepare for a bone-chilling battle. In Cult Summoner, combat is a haunting spectacle, driven by your strategic prowess in selecting the most sinister creatures for your party. Through meticulous selection and merging, you can forge an unstoppable force on this eerie battlefield, etching your name as the savior of the summoners war.

Relentless assessment and macabre adjustments to your party are imperative to eclipse your rivals.

Ascend in Darkness:

As you delve deeper into this nefarious world, amass experience points to unlock the unholy powers of your summoning hero. Higher levels grant access to even more diabolical creatures, empowering you to create an invincible party.

Cult Summoner employs a leveling system that evokes the essence of chilling RPG games, accentuating your progression. Ascending to higher levels reveals new unearthly abilities and skills for your characters, enhancing their potency in the grim battles that lie ahead.

Character Variety:

Distinguishing itself from other roguelike autobattler summoning games, Cult Summoner boasts a rich variety of summonable characters. From cute to creepy creatures, there’s a monster to suit every summoner’s play style and preferences. These creatures are categorized into different elements, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, augmenting the strategic depth of this epic summoners war beyond typical IDLE RPG games.

This Summoning Roguelike Adventure, Cult Summoner, regularly introduces fresh IDLE roguelike characters for summoning and merging, ensuring an ever-evolving experience for players.

The extensive roster of characters available for the summoners war adds depth and replayability. Experiment with diverse party compositions, explore new strategies, and summon your mightiest creatures to forge an epic army!

A Roguelike Strategy Challenge:

With its challenging summoning mechanics, innovative merging system, and captivating creepy-cute design, Cult Summoner delivers an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience for enthusiasts of roguelike strategy games with a summoning twist.

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