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Android 5.1+

Crocodile Game: Angry Animal

About Crocodile Game: Angry Animal

Enjoy hunting with swamp crocodile in Angry Crocodile: Animal Games

Angry Crocodile: Animal Games wild nature with the powerful crocodile. 鳄鱼 is an underwater animal hunter with best swamp attack. So being Angry Crocodile Simulator, hunt and attack vast beach as wild hunting games, and hunt people and animal to eats some food to maintain energy bar full for surviving swamp 鳄鱼. Complete the need of hungry animal attack simulator and take down animal and people like sheep hunting games.

Angry Crocodile – Crocodile game

Get ready to attack the animal and people with swamp crocodile in beach and enjoy hunting as being hunter in Angry Crocodile: Animal Games.

The New Crocodile game 2022 is all about swamp crocodile life in beach hunting games. So, with all Real-life actions, Angry Crocodile Beach Attack Simulator 2022 is wild animal racing for fresh yummy food; ready for hunting attack. In this our new game you will experience real-time Animal Hunting adventure. So be ready to hunt as much animals as you can to be the best beach Hunter in the world.

Angry Crocodile: Animal Games – Swamp 鳄鱼 game

The concept of game is simple you just hunting animals and humans for surviving of crocodile while hiding yourself in water of sea and hunting them on beach you just need to maintain the energy bar of crocodile at least on its maximum for more hunting and enjoying the level. Let’s the party being with Swamp 鳄鱼.

Charming graphics, fun animations, and entertaining haptic effects make a colorful Zoo environment, absorbing, and super relaxing place to spend time for hunting lovers of all ages, relieving stress for adults and helping develop cognitive and fine motor skills in young children.

Animal Games – Swamp 鳄鱼 games

You can in new Crocodile Family Online game in a huge, massive and challenging 3d world. Fun with our Animal Swamp Crocodile Attack Game which is among Free Games.

For giant attack numerous crocodile evolution and species can be bought from store in new animal games– only in hungry crocodile attack 2022. So, play with hungry crocodile simulator 2022 of your choice and increase chase smooth behind running games animal.

Crocodile Simulator 2022 – Angry giant Crocodile game

Wild animal hunting adventures will make you addict of free animal games. Time to be best shooter in animal simulator games: Beach hunting game different from bear hunting games.

Features of Angry Crocodile: Animal Games

• Realistic 3D environment.

• Smooth and real feeling controller

• Different challenges

• Realistic physics and sounds effects

• Thrilling and exciting levels

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