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Android 5.1+

Crazy Juice Slice Master Games

About Crazy Juice Slice Master Games

Crazy Juice Fruit Master is out!

Fruit cutting games: crazy juice fruit master game is ready to cut the fruits like a lighting speed!

Crazy Juice Fruit Master Games with Fruit Sort & Juice Sort

Summer is coming fruit slice is one of the most delicious juicy fruits game which is exclusively designed for the fruit slice game lovers. The gameplay of the crazy fruit games master games is unique and easy. Just throw the sharp blades to slice the crazy fruits. Only one crazy fruit game is enough to burst the specified fruits within the limited time. It’s your time to hit and slice all the moving fruit cutting at a time and make a fresh juice. After slicing, you will get a glass of juice each time whenever you finish a level you will equip special power ups in this original hit fruit- slicing games.

Fruit cutting & Fruit Sort Games

After completing the 4 glasses, you will get a chance to spin a lucky wheel and collect your rewards. You must sharpen your skills and reflexes, and put them to the test in the event mode, where you will face challenging and intense clashes with different sharp blades and get a chance to win juice games. Try this amazing crazy juice fruit master games and become a master juice of slicing games! Full of fun and entertainment, play this epic hit fruit-slicing fruit game.

Crazy fruit master games: Juice Sort

Unsheathe your fruits and start the cutting of Juicy fruits Experience the most thrilling and juicy fruit crazy games. Choose multiple fruit slice for cutting different kind of juicy fruits crazy games. Massive hit and eye-catching splash animations make this arcade game more interesting. Sharp sure fruit slice skills and become the master games. Cut your fruit slice nicely and perfectly, and don’t miss the chance for a good slicer. Time your throws carefully and try to slash multiple fruit slice free at once to get a bonus score! Be nimble and accurate – DO NOT MISS!

Fruit slice: crazy fruit master game

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re playing for some mindless fun and trying to relax and pass the time, or trying to improve your fruit cutting free or fruit slicing skills as a master cutter, this is the best arcade game for you. Enjoy the awesomeness and believe the hype of Crazy Juice Fruit Master: fruit crush game: fruit slice!

Can you reach level 200+?

Challenge yourself in fruit sort, juice sort and crazy juice master games with this watermelon cutting game

Splendid features of Crazy Juice Fruit Master Games:

• New Juicer Machines

• Eye Catching Backgrounds

• Best hyper casual mission

• Entertaining and addictive

• Make a perfect Fruit Juice

• Juice sort to check your IQ

• Different sound effects

• Juicy fruits Bonus Levels

• Offline Play mode

• Fruit Sort by solving the puzzle sorting

• Watermelon with different fruits

• Classic arcade mission

• Mega Lucky Wheel

Crazy Juice Fruit Master Games

Prove to your friends and family that you’re the best fruits slice around. Download the best fruit master: fruit cutting game and forget the other classic games. Grab your mobile devices and install the best fruit slice game with crazy juice cutting game.

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