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2023-06-16 15:45:42
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Craft Commander – Mine & Build

About Craft Commander – Mine & Build

Mine craft resources, upgrade your army and conquer the enemy’s land.

Commander, it’s time to conquer the enemy’s last fortress! Fight and defend your polytopia as the war commander. Defeat the enemy’s army by crafting and building your warriors and army base. Capture the enemy’s flag. Protect the villagers and craftsman tribes. Block the invasion of the conqueror and enemy soldiers.


This game is a blend of minecraft games, building games and army games. Create an army base camp. Mine resources and craft your armed base. Grow warriors that will become fearless army. Upgrade warriors with silver and gold. Improve units, multiply army. Build an invincible army!


Despite the fact that this is the army tycoon game, you can create your polytopia and multicraft world. There are villages of craftsman in this blocks world minecraft game, so you are not only a war commander, but also a castle crafter. Mine craft resources and improve your units in minecraft pocket edition. Upgrade your troop’s equipment in the blacksmith’s by silver and gold. Enjoy your time giving commands to craftsman building multicraft polytopia.


– Feel yourself an army commander

– Minecraft style

– Build your soldiers stations

– Rally your troops and craft warriors

– Mine craft resources

– Save prisoners

– Resolve conflicts

– Catch The Enemy’s Flag

Enjoy minecraft graphics and medieval narrative in the new block game for free. Become a crafting and building army commander of fearless warriors in this minecraft pocket edition game, end the day with victory in your hands!

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