Coricamo Cross Stitch

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2023-06-16 13:51:24
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Android 5.0+

Coricamo Cross Stitch

About Coricamo Cross Stitch

Application for opening Coricamo cross stitch patterns

A new dimension in cross stitching

The Coricamo Cross Stitch app gives you access to hundreds of cross stitch patterns on a variety of topics and allows you to create unique patterns from your own photos. Our application will take you to a new dimension of embroidery, turning a paper pattern into your own phone. Thanks to this, embroidering will become much easier and more convenient.

Application works on smartphones and tablets with Android above 5.0.

Application opens patterns in the form of a hks file (Coricamo pattern format), xsd and PDF files saved in the phone’s memory. Patterns in the form of a PDF file can only be displayed and enlarged, without the possibility of selecting colours and symbols.

With the Coricamo Cross Stitch app you can:

– display the cross stitch pattern on your phone or tablet instead of using a printed pattern

– have instant access to many cross stitch patterns on a wide variety of topics

– take advantage of the free cross stitch patterns that allow you to familiarize yourself with the simple and intuitive operation of the program

– cross stitch faster, more pleasant and convenient

– display and enlarge the embroidered pattern so that it can be seen clearly

– select the color you are embroidering at the moment

– mark the place to embroider

– mark the colors that you have already embroidered

– change the color palette to Anchor, Ariadna, DMC or Madeira

– see what percentage of the pattern or color is ready

– create a pattern from your own photo

– support ecology by avoiding unnecessary printing on paper

What does the Coricamo Cross Stitch app offer?

– convenient menu

– lots of useful functions

– legible icons

– easy to zoom in and out of the pattern

– the ability to hide backstitches

– the perfect way to relax in the garden or in an armchair with a cup of coffee

What are the advantages of cross stitching?

Cross stitch embroidery calms down, builds self-confidence and a sense of satisfaction. It teaches patience and improves concentration and manual skills. Satisfies the need to create and develops creativity. It allows you to create beautiful things that can be a gift or a valuable souvenir for many years.

Save money, time and eyesight!

Find out how simple it is. Embroidering has never been so fun and fast!

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