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2023-06-16 11:02:03
Free Personalization App
Requires Android
Android 6.0+

Color Changer Lite [root]

About Color Changer Lite

Completely change screen colors (red on black night vision mode, no blue, etc)

Completely recolor all apps!

Color Changer requires a rooted device.

Features of the Pro version:

– Use red or amber or green on black to preserve night vision for astronomy or reading ebooks in bed.

– Set sepia for more pleasant reading in a browser.

– Oversaturated outdoor mode.

– Have fun with monochrome black and white.

– Customize your colors with R/G/B/saturation/hue sliders.

– Prepare for sleep by turning off blue light.

– Includes widget support and Tasker integration plugin.

The Lite version includes red, green, amber, outdoor and inverted color modes, widget support, Tasker integration, experimental gamma support, and a four-day trial of the Pro features.

This is NOT an overlay: it completely remaps your colors in all apps. (May not be compatible with screen recording and screenshot apps, though.)

The method used for re-coloring is experimental. Use at your own risk. Try the Lite version before buying the Pro version. Do not set to activate on boot until you’ve successfully tested.

Note 1: Graphically demanding games will likely lower their framerate by an amount depending on your device.

Note 2: As a safety measure, Color Changer’s settings are disabled on boot if you boot with device upside-down.

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