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Coach 365 – Soccer training

About Coach 365 – Soccer training

Soccer coach. Sports academy for kids and adults. 30-day workout challenges app.

COACH365 — is a personal football training for field players and goalkeepers. Gain good fitness and technical skills!

This smartphone app is a true football school; your personal coach helps to develop all necessary game skills: dribbling, feints, passes, hits, coordination, physical skills, speed and leaps.

The app training programme is perfect for players with diverse levels of training – from rookies to more experienced ones, for both boys and girls.

We have divided exercises according to kids’ age groups so that anyone might improve fitness and maintain a high level of technical training on a football pitch.

All exercises can be watched in single video tutorials which all together make up a complete training process with a given time for exercises and a number of repetitions.

The app works offline and you can train at any time and in any place.

Personal football training is now available 24/7 for everyone, in any place; a training process has never been so simple!

Our app is:

Football lessons: learn how to play, all football techniques and feints.

Lessons for adults and kids aged 5-7, 8-11, 12-16, 17 and older.

Video tutorials and text explanations.

Several types of training sessions – individual, for a goalkeeper, training muscles.

You can train at home, outside, with a wall or football goals.

Personal statistics and dairy – each activity is recorded in a profile.

Be in the game!

Learn how to play football!

Start from scratch and go to the next level!

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