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2023-06-15 12:43:02
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

City Destroyed Zombies Shootin

About City Destroyed Zombies Shootin

This is very nice city zombies shooting game

One day all zombies return from darkness, zombies are over all the world, zombies damage everything around, zombies destroyed your city all, and zombies eat all people brain, is apocalypse day?? NOPE!!! You, only you can save the world by shooting to kill zombies all, clear them all from my world.

You hate zombies, you want shooting to kill zombies all and save your city turning back to piece. Arm yourself with the best guns and shooting kill zombies right now, shooting zombies all die and bring piece for your city. Save your city is your mission, only you can save the city from death by shooting kill zombies all.

This game is very good shooting to kill zombies, first person shooting 3D style game ever. You like action 3D first person shooting games to kill zombies, you like shooting zombies in the dark. Download and play this free zombies shooting game, first person shooting game right now.

How to play city destroyed zombies shooting game

– There a help on this shooting to kill zombies, first person shooting 3D game so you can see it for detail

– Joystick for moving your player hero avoiding zombies and shooting kill zombies all

– Fire button for shooting your gun to kill zombies

– Throw grenades killing many zombies

– Switching your weapons, you can use pistol, rifle or AK47 to shooting zombies all die, more nice weapon and guns will update for you to shooting zombies

city destroyed zombies shooting game

– Dark ruined city caused of zombies damaged

– zombies and zombies bosses for you to shooting

– This shooting zombies 3D first person shooting game is now only single play mode, but multiplayer and more exciting features will come soon

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