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2023-06-15 12:07:11
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Chicken Feet: Scary Escape

About Chicken Feet: Scary Escape

Escape from the horror lab before the giant chicken can catch and destroy you

Are you a horror game lover? Welcome to the Chicken Feet: Scary Escape game where you must run for your life before the chickens can catch and wreak havoc on you.

You are Alex, a young scientist working in a top-secret laboratory. You have been working on a new genetic modification that you believe could revolutionize the poultry industry. However, something has gone wrong with your experiment. The chickens that you have modified have mutated into scray evil creatures with giant chicken feet. These creatures are now loose in the laboratory and they are hungry for human flesh. Now you must run and escape from the laboratory for your life and save all your colleagues before the chicken can catch and destroy all of you.

The game is full of suspense and scary elements as you explore the dark and abandoned laboratory. You will need to use your wits and skills to run as fast as you can, overcome obstacles, and help you escape in one piece. But be careful, the chickens are always watching and they will not hesitate to attack you if they get the chance.


– Horror – Escape game

– Suspenseful and scary atmosphere

– Multiple map to run

– Hidden ways to find

– Evil chickens that will attack you

– Multiple endings

Can you escape the laboratory before it’s too late? Download Chicken Feet: Scary Escape now and experience a full pack of horror and thrills!

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