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2023-06-16 16:22:31
Free Casual Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Card Evolution TCG hyper game

About Card Evolution

Grow your trading cards collection, be a card thrower and card collector tycoon!

Grow and evolve your trading cards collection: collect cards, unlock new character series – ranging from sports to monsters – and build the most powerful hyper cards collection in one of your favorite trading card games.

Battle against other poke tcg card thrower players, like cards against humanity to become the greatest card collector and earn money to unlock card stack, collect cards and make cards combos, just like card animation throwdown and card shuffle sort. Be the owner of the world’s rarest and most expensive TCG trading card games collection and win the card trading wars.

Upgrade and evolve your ink cards, merge card 3d and become the largest poke tcg card collector of the rarest and most expensive cards in the world in our cool Card Evolution collecting games. Unlock new cards and card deck as you progress through the game like a pro card thrower 3d.

Compete in epic trading cards games battles to win prizes to invest back in your poke tcg hyper cards collection and build unique ink cards deck. This game is fun and addicting just like hand evolution runner games, card stack games and it’s one of the biggest adventure time card wars.


– Amazing card pack opener with different monsters for the biggest adventure time card wars

– Run to increase the value and rarity of your cards like a pro in our card trading collecting games

– Evolve your hyper cards in a fun, choice-based runner and card shuffle sort game

– Unlock new cards and card deck, like card pack opener pro player

– Collect cards (all of them) and make great ink cards combo and card stack like in animation throwdown and card shuffle sort.

– Fight epic card wars and battles in one of the coolest trading cards games

– Card evolution is a merge card 3d game, it’s a game changer in the trading card games to evolve into higher level cards for your card trading collection!

So don’t let the cards against humanity ruin your card player mode! Enjoy the adventure time card wars in Card Evolution collecting game!

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