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2023-06-15 12:46:08
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Android 4.4+

Car Crash: Car Drifting Games

About Car Crash: Car Drifting Games

Crash and Destroy Cars with Pendulum car crash simulator.

Finally, Wait is over. Games Feat brings you the most exciting and thrilling derby game, Pendulum Car Crash game. This new unique game brings you a lot of fun crashing cars with pendulums and destruction with excitement. You have seen cars in racing games, transportation games, driving games, construction games. But this simulation game is one of its own kind.It is a demolition game in which you smash and crash cars with pendulum.It is a high speed testing, you will go through a road of torture and you need to be very careful while handling pendulum motions when cars will be coming in full speed and then crash them. You need to make sure that the pendulum hits coined cars only, it will give you points, otherwise your pendulum will be crushed.

Pendulum Car Crash game is a new simulation and action game in which there are cars but you are not here to drive those cars not to race with those, it is a crash game. You are a destruction driver in this action simulation game, but you are not driving a car, you need to drive and handle pendulum hits and pendulum movement. Pendulum Car Crash is a new exciting derby game, in which a pendulum simulation is used for destruction and demolition of cars with pendulums. It is a destruction war in which cars without coins are obstacles and hurdles to your way and you need to avoid those barriers and you need to smash cars with coins and crash cars with demolition pendulum else your pendulum will be crushed..

In this new Pendulum Car Crash game, which is a derby demolition free game, you need to maintain a fine balance between pendulum speed and position to crash, smash and destroy only coined cars. It is a type of one tap derby game, in which there are three different types of environments for your entertainment in this action simulation game. You will see realistic damages/ crash to cars when hit with a pendulum. There are also four different types of pendulums, you can choose a pendulum of your choice with which you will smash, destroy and crash all the cars with coins. You can also get a shield booster in your way then you can crash any car without any violation. Enjoy this destruction war and crash all the cars with coins to get maximum score. Moving a pendulum to hit another car to crash with a coin will give you more points than a static pendulum being hit or smashed by a coming car at high speed.

Pendulum Car Crash is a new derby simulation and crash game which you can grab control over with this game. It is also a good time for adults to play this new exciting derby simulation game.

Features of Pendulum Car Crash game:
Amazing and Stunning Graphics
Four different types of Pendulums
Three different types of environments
Shield booster to crash all cars without any penalty.
Get as many coins as you can by hitting/crashing coined cars.

So, do not wait anymore. Go to store and download this new Crash Simulation Game and enjoy pendulum simulation to crash all the cars. Play the game and let us know about your feedback.

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