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High-quality financial news coverage, exclusive and in-depth reports

Highlights articles:
Russia and Ukraine are reorganizing the world – the war has entered a stalemate, and the geopolitics, economics and finance, nuclear security situation, and means of communication have undergone comprehensive and profound changes.
Can mass immunization be achieved—— Eventually, human will accept the long-term coexistence with COVID-19, how to adjust the epidemic prevention strategies and when to open the country should be reconsidered.
How TikTok can make money ——Since 2021, TikTok has accelerated its commercialization attempt and copied the realization path of domestic brother companies, including advertising and social e-commerce. The GMV target in 2023 is 12 billion dollars.

Caixin App is the first e-reading App of Caixin Media Co. LTD. It extracts high-quality publications such as Caixin Weekly, and outputs high-quality original content in real time. Providing daily news, information, reviews, and basic financial information services for readers in political, financial, industrial, and academic circles ofChina.

Rumors are everywhere, and the truth is in Caixin. Through smartphones and tablets, you can easily read our original news any time in Caixin App. They cover in-depth observations and sharp perspectives including economics, finance, industry, and more.

1. What’s New
【Al broadcast, switch freely】
Full coverage of Al anchor “Cai Xiaoxin”whichis full coverage broadcasts for you. Functions, including multi-speed, timing, male and female voice anchor, are optional, and Caixin news can be heard freely.

【Caixin mini,enjoy pan-cultural lifestyle】
Integrating humanities, reading, art and other cultural contents as well as health and financial management and other lifestyle content, to provide a quality life and wisdom for you.

【Share in all platforms so friends can read】
Reposting the article, generating a poster or grabbing a limited number of places to read. Caixin in-depth news can be shared with friends.

【Editor’s selection for direct focus】
Editor carefully selected must read articles to save your time and enjoy high quality news.

【Query economic indicators and obtain original data】
Caixin CEIC provides macro and industry indicators with rich dimensions, cover China and the world, and supports the download of massive editable historical data.

【One-click download and offline reading】
In-depth reports can be downloaded with just one click, and articles can be read anytime and anywhere without barriers.


【Be Original】
From one of China’s prominent newsroom with over 100 professional journalists, along with more than 200 columnists, Caixin publishes more than 100 original articles each day, offering you exclusive and first hand information.

【Four products to meet the full demand】
Caixin mini/Caixin Express/DataExpressLite/DataExpressPro, different products enjoy different rights.

【The Big Picture】
Caixin offers you with comprehensive scope in understanding finance and the economics, covering finance, companies, macroeconomics, policies, with special focus on topics such as tech, consumption, energy, along with videos, big data and culture.

【Investigative Reporting】
With Caixin Weekly, readers have full access to unbiased reporting on important current affairs and in-depth news stories from ground zero, helping you to understand markets and society.

【Caixin Data Express】
Our data service subscription gives you access to basic and vertical financial databases, with unique features that connect data to news and intelligence contents.

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Customer Service WeChat: caixinkefu001
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Consumer hotline: (+86)400-696-0110

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