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Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

C-RAM Simulator: Air defense

About C-RAM Simulator: Air defense

Be a Air Gun, Air defense, Anti aircraft commander, defend against air strikes.

Be a Anti Air Gun, Air defense, Anti aircraft commander and defend your base against air strikes.

Detailed realistic anti air guns simulator with real gun mechanics and enemy aircrafts.


1. Three Type of CIWS

* Phalanx CIWS

* Rheinmetall Millennium Single Turret CIWS

* Rheinmetall Millennium Double Turret CIWS

* SeaRam CIWS with rocket launcher

* Goalkeeper CIWS

* Artemis CIWS

* Kashtan CIWS

* Bushmaster Air Defense gun

* PGZ 95 AA

* USZ Shilka

* Flakpanzer Gepard

* 2K22 Tunguska

3. Sensor Vision

4. 10 Different operation maps

* Defend base in Mountains

* Defend Aircraft carrier

* Defend snowy Radome base

* Destroy spy balloons

* Defend village in Middle East

* Defend The President house

* Defend Randomly generated Island

* Defend Randomly generated forest

* Defend Your base against drone, uav, ucav attack

* Defend Airbase

5. Types of Enemies

* 5 Type of enemy aircraft (F16, Su35, A10 Warthog, Su57, Mq Reaper UCAV, Shahed Kamikaze drone)

* 1 Type of enemy Helicopters (Mi 24),

* 1 Type of spy balloon

6. Upgrade system to improve accuracy, fire rate and range.

7. Progress levels to get new army rank badges.

8. Two different control modes

* Joystick

* Touch

9. Twilight and Daytime modes

It is inspired by well known Arma 3 Anti-Air defense scene.

It is free and always will be! Enjoy commander!

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