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Boba DIY: Idrink Recipe

About Boba DIY: Idrink Recipe

Become a boba tea maker and enjoy your beautiful day

You are a fan of boba, milkshake and all kinds of bubble teas? You want to stay away from hot summer days and enjoy a fresh sweet boba tea?

So this game is made for you. Idrink Boba: DIY Bubble Tea would bring you to a whole new world where you can create any boba tea that you like.

In this simulation drinking game, you can be a boba tea maker making and mixing your boba tea. Build your own recipe and show it to your friends and family. Finally, let them try your boba tea.

But the most amazing part in this game is the simulation drinking phase, you can hear the sound of tea flowing and bubbling while drinking your tasty Bubble Tea in Idrink Boba: DIY Bubble Tea

There are so many interesting, colorful and yummy toppings that you can use for your bubble tea like cherry, jelly and boba. With these irresistible toppings, making your perfect and tasty Bubble Tea for your friends and family would be easy more than ever.

Let’s enjoy all the unique and wonderful features of Idrink Boba: DIY Bubble Tea.

?- Choosing your own bubble tea flavor

?- Mixing unlimited colorful and tasty jellies, fruits with ices to make a unique bubble tea.

?- Sharing your Bubble tea to your friends and family

?- Having a great day with this game

Enjoy your Bubble Tea now with Idrink Boba: DIY Bubble Tea.

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