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2023-06-15 12:38:01
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 6.0+

Blocky Apex Strike Tales

About Blocky Apex Strike Tales

Toon FPS with cool pixel graphics, various weapons, missions and vehicles

Blocky Apex Strike – Desert Gun Tale is here now in 2019! If you like army blocky shooter games and tactic army combat/vehicle simulators then you will definitely like Blocky Apex Strike!

Blocky Apex Strike – Desert Gun Tale is a military first person shooter where you fight with enemies on the mysterious desert locations! Find secret locations, defend and attact strategical points like desert Western Barns, towns and church, use various weapons at your own advantage! Play in tank mode to blow your enemies up, try to last as long as possible in defend mode, and capture and hold enemy bases in attack mode!

Select your equipment wisely – you can buy ammo, guns and items at the beginning of each round! Also try to salvage weapons and ammo from defeated enemies, because you will most definitely need it! The incoming forces are countless! Prepare to fight!


– good quality pixel blocky graphics

– realistic ragdoll physics and fight mechanics

– various game modes

– stylized desert sandy maps, including town, church, camp and bar

– first person shooter perspective with detailed weapons and animations

– smart enemies AI, using guns and grenades against you

– driveable tank for vehicle mode

– free TRAINING course map for beginners with many shooting range targets

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