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2023-06-15 12:24:35
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Blobby’s Quest: 2D Platformer

About Blobby’s Quest: 2D Platformer

A simple, singleplayer 2D Platformer

– Simple, action-packed jump and run game

– Easy and precise controls

– Explore dungeons and many deadly traps

– Categories: singleplayer, offline games, kids games

Blobby was once a normal, round creature living in a far-off land. One day, while playing in a field of colorful flowers, Blobby stumbled upon a mysterious crystal. Upon touching the crystal, Blobby was suddenly imbued with incredible abilities beyond its imagination.

However, with great power came great responsibility. The evil forces of the land soon became aware of Blobby’s newfound abilities and sought to capture it, using it to further their own sinister plans. With no other choice, Blobby was forced to flee, using its newfound skills to navigate treacherous platforming challenges and evade its enemies.

As it journeyed through strange and fantastical lands, Blobby discovered the true extent of its powers and the great destiny that lay ahead. Determined to defeat the evil forces and restore peace to its land, Blobby sets out on a journey filled with peril and adventure.

Despite its cute and round appearance, Blobby proved to be a formidable hero, using its powers to overcome any obstacle and vanquish any enemy. And so, the legend of Blobby the hero was born, spreading far and wide throughout the land and inspiring generations to come.

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