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2023-06-15 12:06:37
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Bladers: Online Multiplayer

About Bladers: Online Multiplayer

Join this 1v1 multiplayer battle & play with your friends or worldwide players!

Join the Army of 4,00,000+ Bladers & defeat your opponent and become the best Blader of all time!

Bladers Online Multiplayer Spinning Tops is a realistic and exhilarating online multiplayer game which allows players to clash with other real-time online players in one-on-one spinning tops (beyblades) online multiplayer battle. Players can either play with friends or with online players. Join the multiplayer online battle and compete with 4L+ Bladers!


*The 1v1 online multiplayer battle match consists of 3 rounds between two spinning tops (beyblades).

* Players can choose their side of either opting for an ‘Attacking’ or a ‘Defending’ spinning top Blade(beyblade).

* Players can unleash the ultimate DRAGON or HELLGUARDIAN power of Spinning Tops (beyblades) to completely knock out the opponent spinning top (beyblade) in this 1v1 online multiplayer battle!

* Upgrade or Unlock your beyblade: By playing online matches or through in-app purchases, players can earn in-game coins & can unlock new spinning tops (beyblades) with different power-ups or buy their upgrades!

About the game:-

Player can select from a variety of 6 spinning tops (beyblades) with different abilities and power-ups. Each spinning top (beyblade) work purely on natural physics. The player has to damage the other player’s spinning top (beyblade) by making collisions. The last spinning top (beyblade) to survive through the online multiplayer spinning tops battle will emerge as the WINNER.

Abilities and PowerUps:-

Each of the beyblade has a different type of power ups and abilities according to the type. When a Spinning Top or beyblade use a power up, make the opponent spinning top vulnerable and damage its health.

There are also levels in the power ups and each spinning top’s health based on what amount of damage they cause to the other spinning top / beyblade.

Thank you all for the amazing feedback. Have fun playing Bladers Online Multiplayer Spinning Tops! Happy Blading with friends!!!!

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