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2023-06-16 19:02:56
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Birim Online

About Birim Online

BirimOnline MMORPG

Birim Online is a real-time open world MMO RPG game where you can team up with your friends, fight against other teams, progress in different professions, reflect your own style without being tied to a certain class.

You can play a peaceful game by developing professions such as Mining, Fishing, Lumbering, Livestock,Farming or you can strike fear into the world by joining a clan and fighting to protect your lands.

Completed Features:

– Clan System

– Land wars (Fortress war)

– You can fight (PvP) against other players.

– You can play as Knight, Archer or Mage.

– You can change your class at any time.

– You can create your own play style by choosing the ones you want from the numerous abilities.

– You can gain legendary items by raiding dungeons.

– You can wear the best one for you among the best items.

– You can increase your level and abilities unlimitedly.

– You can customize the appearance of your character as you wish.

– You can have more fun with the events that come at special times such as halloween, christmas etc.

– You can team up with your friends and overcome challenging hard missions together.

– Chat with your friends both publicly and privately

– Our unique dungeon system allows you to fight with unlimited monster levels.

– Enjoy PVP with our unique soul system.

– Legendary gameplay with Tap, Drag and Joystick options.

Features in progress:

– Profession system

– Woodcutting, Skinning, Mining, Fishing

– City transportation (Caravan)

– Theft (Catch transporting players by a surprise and confiscate their goods)

– Arena

– Raise your league by ranking in PvP tournaments.

– You can fight against different monsters.

– Never lose your excitement with new maps added all the time.

– You can make voice calls within the clan.

– Collector Pet System.

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