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2023-06-16 18:04:52
Free Puzzle Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Bird Sort Color Puzzle Game

About Bird Sort Color

No longer relax with water sort puzzle but bird sort color puzzle and ASMR sound

Bird Sort Color puzzle is a fun and addictive sorting game! Try to sort the colored bird on the tree branch until all the birds have the same color and fly away. Water sort puzzle game are no longer unique. With new style of sorting game, with colored birds and bird singing, bird games bring definitely a challenging yet relaxing game to train your brain!

⚈ Outstanding interesting levels:

• Bomb Levels: Sort birds to free bomb and you will be safe to pass through before ending the countdown

• Cage Levels: Do bird sort to free them from cage with keys and help them fly away

• Sleep Levels: Some birds are falling to sleep and CAN NOT fly anywhere. Try to Sort other birds to free the clock and wake them up

• Egg levels: Some birds are hiding in eggs, you need to break the eggs with hammers to free the birds first before sorting these birds.

• Lock Stand Levels: Surprised with not just a locked Cage but Double Locked Cages or more.

Stay tuned because many other NEW FEATURES will be updated in the coming time. Make sure you have the LATEST UPDATED VERSION for this App then enjoy!


• Click on any bird to make it fly to another branch.

• The rule is that you can only move the linked bird with the same color and enough room on the branch.

• Find your own way to solve this sorting puzzle

• Try not to get stuck – but don’t worry, you can always start the level again at any time.


• One finger control.

• Multiple unique levels


• NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Bird Color Sort Puzzle Games at your own pace!

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