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Bible Trivia Quiz Game

About Bible Trivia Quiz Game

The Holy Bible quiz questions and answers – Christian Bible trivia game

Have you read all the books of the Bible? Start the Bible Trivia Quiz Game With Bible Quiz Questions and check your knowledge! How well do you know all the biblical characters, Old and New testament, biblical quotes and prayers? If you like fun quizzes on world general knowledge and religions, this is a perfect past time app for you! A variety of Bible trivia questions – guess the quote, name Christian saints, answer questions about psalms and proverbs, hymns and so much more. What are the ten commandments of God? How many books of Moses are there? Who were Samson and Delilah? What is the story of Noah and the Ark? Download Bible quiz questions and answers for kids and adults and test your knowledge right now! Find out how much you really remember all the biblical stories and test your memory with this fascinating mind game. Among a variety of free Bible games and quiz for adults and children choose the best one for your family!

“Bible Trivia Quiz Game With Bible Quiz Questions” features:

? Two game modes available:

* Endless – play for hours as long as you give correct answers to various biblical quiz questions. The game ends as soon as you give 3 wrong answers.

* Time – prolong your playing time as long as you give correct answers! Each correct answer means additional time and each wrong answers reduces your playing time.

? Four different types of questions:

* Multiple Choice – choose the correct out of four offered answers;

* Entry – arrange a word from letters to give the answer;

* Scratch – scratch the surface of a picture and type in the correct answer;

* Blur – a blurred picture of an object is shown and your task is to sharpen the blurred image and type in the correct answer.

Play fun Bible quiz free in English offline with many questions on both Old and New Testament!

Understanding the Bible scriptures is essential for every religious person. For some, this is the impossible quiz challenge! The most interesting Christian quiz on The Holy Bible Old and New testaments King James version is now at the palm of your hand! Interesting and intelligent questions and answers will help you learn all the important facts about Christianity. Gain knowledge on the largest of religions of the world with new Bible quiz – religious game for everyone. Smart quizzes are an excellent way to improve your general knowledge and IQ – get some real brain training and educate yourself! You don’t even have to be online to play – download the intelligent Bible quiz questions app and then play without internet any time you want! Get this smart Bible app for free to check how much you really remember your church reading.

The most useful Bible quiz with answers for youth to learn about Christian beliefs and values.

This Bible trivia questions and answers has some easy but also many hard questions. Can you answer them all? How to study the Bible the best possible way? You can play this GK quiz 2017 offline as well! Biblical games for kids and adults are the best way to learn about Christianity today, Jesus Christ and his learning. You won’t need any Bible study tools or concordance once you pass this amusing Biblical test. If you like playing religious games, you will love this new quiz app on Christian religion! Download for free the best Bible trivia quiz apps with interesting questions and answers. Check how much you really know! Download Bible Trivia Quiz Game With Bible Quiz Questions and test your knowledge on Christian religion holy book right now!

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