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BBC Arabic

About BBC Arabic

Get the latest news from BBC Arabic and global network of our journalists.

Title: BBC Arabic: breaking news from around the world

Local and international news from BBC Arabic

Catch up on the latest news from BBC Arabic and its global network of journalists. We provide you with the latest news and developments from Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iraq and many other countries around the world.

Global news and sports at your fingertips

BBC Arabic News is categorized into: Latest News, Middle East, World News, Economy and Business, Science and Technology. Stay up-to-date with the news of the day through photo galleries, as well as video content and various articles.

Do not miss important news and use the feature to set the application according to your interests, whether it is breaking news or the latest reports and topics .. You can also share news stories on social networking sites to keep others informed of world news.

BBC Arabic application features

The BBC Arabic application offers you:

The latest global news and headlines.

Live news coverage.

Articles and Analytics

Video and audio content.

Watch live TV broadcasts

Listen to the live radio broadcast.

BBC Fact Check Unit reports

Share news via email and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

Set the text sizes according to your preference

The ability to update the content to display the latest important news for you

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