Assassin Hunter CS

Latest Version

2023-06-15 12:07:04
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Assassin Hunter CS

About Assassin Hunter CS

Sneak behind the enemy, kill with one blow and complete the task!

This time, let’s play an amazing game of assassinating terrorists and saving world peace.Become an assassin killer expert, unique concepts and complex terrain tasks.Here, you must perform secret tasks and avoid triggering alarms and getting hurt when hunting.

Amazing hunting games and complex and changeable terrain will make you hang for hours.Hunting in the street lane, don’t give them the chance to seize you, otherwise the level will fail.Amazing assassins and robbers compete in an amazing hunting game environment.

Play Features:

Touch and click to control the assassin’s movement and chase the target one by one.

As a hunter or assassin, you must pay attention to safety, use the surrounding environment and shadow to avoid the flashlight, and don’t be found and shot by the assassin.

Your enemy may be lurking in every corner with weapons. Attack them quickly and escape without being found.

Every destroyed enemy will drop precious gems. Use gemstones to unlock faster assassins and hunters.

Get more gems, unlock faster assassin hunters and become the hunter hero in the Assassin game。

You can sneak behind the enemy and kill them one by one until you reach your goal.

You can hide behind obstacles to avoid being found and attacked by the enemy.


Excellent assassin and robber Games bring endless fun.

Kill robbers to become the strongest gold assassin Hunter.

Simple click and touch and automatic pursuit of robbers.

An amazing battle between assassins and robbers.

Failed 5 times to automatically restart the assassin’s growth path.

Sneak behind the enemy and kill with one blow.

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