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2023-06-15 12:34:12
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Army Merge: Tank Master

About Army Merge: Tank Master

Prepare for a battle, use your logic and win the war! Fight around the world!

Greetings Commander! You have to unite your troops, merge units and rush into the battlefield on your tank. Will you be able to assemble the most powerful army and defeat everyone? Don’t waste your time, download the game and check it out!

Build an Army

In Army Merge: Tank Master, you’ll have to merge units, upgrade your tanks and fight across the world. Merging units together raises their level and upgrades their stats. You can also unlock more cells and recruit more units. As you progress through, new types of soldiers, tanks, and other military equipment are revealed to you. Use all your logic, figure out the best strategy and combine your troops like a true commander! Participate in battles around the world and win the war. Prove that your army is the strongest!

Manage your tank.

As a true commander you have to be in the center of the battlefield. Get in the tank and fight together with your soldiers. You can both support your allies from afar, and rush into a crowd of enemies and crash them by yourself! Be careful, if the tank is destroyed, you will lose. But don’t worry, you can always pump up and try again!

Earn currency and spend it on upgrades

After each level you are rewarded with purple crystals. Use them to improve your tank. Upgrade the attack and defense to go as far as possible. In addition, the model of your tank is also changes and it becomes bigger, stronger and more stylish. Make it the most dangerous unit on the battlefield!

Defeat Bosses

From time to time you’ll get dangerous opponents – huge monster bosses. Each one of them can cause problems even for the strongest army in the world, so it’s best to be careful and not prolong the battle. Fight monsters around the world and protect the planet!

Game Features:

– Unique units, including modern powerful vehicles!

– Lots of upgrades to make your army the most powerful!

– Epic boss battles that won’t let you get bored!

– Earn currency and spend it on upgrades

– Nice 3D graphics

– Easy control

– User friendly interfaces


Be a real commander, unite your troops, drive the tank and fight together with your allies. Use all your logic to come up with the best strategy and don’t forget the upgrades. Take part in battles around the world, defeat huge boss monsters and win the war. Last, but not least – the game is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Download Army Merge: Tank Master right now and join the battlefield!

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