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2023-06-15 12:44:25
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Aquarium Feeding Fish World

About Aquarium Feeding Fish World

The craziest aquarium in the world. Manage fish, collect coins and fight aliens!

You are having a headache because you do not know how to find a game that is very fun but has an ultra-light configuration for entertainment in a short time – Aquarium Feeding Fish World is the right choice for you. The game will help players show their creativity and ingenuity in taking care of small fish in the ocean. Let’s find out with us!

I. Plot

You are the owner of an insaquarium where there are not only lovely colorful fish but they can also generate money for you. But life isn’t all rosy, one fine day your beautiful aquarium caught the attention of hordes of evil aliens. They are determined to find ways to invade your aquarium. This is the moment when the player shows his “master control”. Let your love fish teach the aliens a life-long lesson, kick them out of the territory and never dared to come in again.

II. Style play

Aquarium Feeding Fish World has an unfussy and complicated gameplay, suitable for all ages, especially young gamers. You have to protect and develop your fishes against the attack of monsters who are trying to eat the poor fish. In particular, to repay the favor, your fish after a certain time will release a coin to help you earn income to expand your aquarium.

To feed the fish, you just need to touch the place where you want to drop food for them. When facing dangerous sea monsters, use laser guns to intercept and attack first to win. There are a total of 5 tanks, each with 5 rounds, the 5th tank has only one round because this is the round with the boss monster of the game.

III. Mission

Your main task is to feeding frenzy your fish at the right time, at the right time, protect them from the dangers of evil fish and monsters. You have to destroy evil fish and collect eggshells to earn money, when you have enough 3 eggshells, you will be through the door and can own more effective assistants. Also be a wise investor, use your funds to buy more fish, unlock secret pets and upgrade your aquarium.

IV. Game mode

The game has 4 different game modes including: Bonus Adventure, Time Trial, Challenge and Virtual Tank, each with different missions and gameplay.

– Adventure: In this mode, at each round the player will be given a few guppies, raised to grow so that they spawn coins or diamonds. To finish a round, we must buy 3 pieces of an egg. The egg will hatch a special creature, which can help the player in later rounds. Players also have to fight monsters to protect the fish by using lasers and shooting them in the head.

– Challenge: This is the hardest level of the 4 modes. The gameplay is similar to Adventure mode, collect all 3 pieces of the egg to pass the round. But the difficulty here is that every 4 seconds, the price of the items will increase by 1%. In this mode, the longer you play, the more monsters will appear, the amount of items will increase, the difficulty will be higher.

– Time Trial: The task in this mode is that the player must earn as much money as possible in a certain period of time (5 minutes in the first lake and 10 minutes in the other 3 pools). By completing the quest in each tank in Adventure mode, the player will unlock the corresponding tank in the Time Trial.

– Virtual Tank: This is the easiest mode. Players just need to feed the fish, collect coins, diamonds …, use that money to buy more fish from the store. The special thing is that the fish in Virtual Tank never die.

Aquarium Feeding Fish World possesses a variety of eye-catching graphics but still retains something very similar to reality. The image of the fish as well as the boss’s image is extremely cute and close to children. The shimmering scene of the aquarium makes many hearts melt.

Have fun playing the game!

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