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AQI (Air Quality Index)

About AQI

AQI air quality index app tells real-time air pollution & weather – worldwide

AQI air quality index app keeps you informed about the real-time air pollution and weather updates from the nearest air quality monitoring station to your current location. It also alerts you about any open fire that may occur close to you near real-time. With data from over 10,500+ tracking stations around the globe, you can also plan your holidays for a carefree outing! Apart from AQI, the air quality app gives individual statuses of all outdoor air pollutants like PM10, PM2.5, CO, NO2, SO2, ozone, etc. So no more worrying about air pollution!

Have you ever changed your plans because of a dramatic change in the weather? Did you have to cancel star-gazing or outdoor date night because the air was unbreathable? Plan your outdoors with the AQI app for a toxic-free and stress-free experience because we believe that you reflect what you breathe. Don’t let bad air quality or air pollution affect your spirit.

Download the application to enjoy the following features :-

Real-Time and Historical Data:  Receive real-time air quality index along with an easy-to-understand graphical representation of air quality data for a better understanding of the air that you are breathing. You can even access historical data for spatial or temporal comparisons.

Imagine it’s the month of December, and you are in Delhi, waiting for the weekend after working hard for the entire week. However, you can’t step out of your home, because well, who doesn’t know about the infamous Delhi Pollution during winters. The solution? Compare the status of air quality within the city or outside to plan your weekend perfectly. You can also find out the time of the day the air quality will improve or get worse!

Weather Data : Is it too cold to wear your favourite dress? Is it too humid for a beach day? Are the temperature and humidity affecting the air quality? Do you seek a peaceful outing and want to know whether the location is too noisy?

AQI air quality app will tell you about the temperature, and the levels of humidity and noise of the nearest monitoring station.

World’s Largest Coverage : World-wide coverage of over 10,500+ air pollution monitoring stations in 109+ across the globe. Whether you are in India or America, China or Australia, Canada or anywhere in Europe, we have got you covered. You can easily access the air quality data of your location on a single click!

Live World Rankings : Get access to real-time air pollution rankings anywhere, anytime. You can stay updated about the world’s most polluted areas, city-wise, and country-wise. Make sure that your location isn’t among the worse affected!

Smart Location Services : Automatically view the AQI air quality data from the nearest monitor every time you open the app.

Health Recommendations : Do you have kids, pregnant women, the elderly in your family? Does anyone in your family suffer from asthma or coronary heart disease? Confused about whether or not you need an air purifier? Or want to know the perfect time to open your windows without having to care about dust and smoke entering your home? 

Obtain real-time automatic health recommendations based on your location and air quality. Our app lets you know about the perfect time for your kids to play outside or for you to go out for a walk. It even tells you when and when not to open the windows.

AQI Dashboard : Easy pairing with Prana Air – air pollution monitors through WiFi/GSM SIM connectivity. Access the data remotely from the app and download the air quality data anytime whenever you require it.

No Annoying Ads : Enjoy all these features and more without having to worry about those long, irritating ads.

AQI India – Know what you breathe!

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