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2023-06-16 14:00:55
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Android 4.4+

App Switcher – Ragdu

About App Switcher – Ragdu

fast and easy app switcher for daily use which makes life more easy.

App Switcher – Ragdu is an easiest way to switch apps regardless where ever you are in your device. It makes switching so easy which means multitasking is now possible on every device. Switch apps from anywhere in your device. Its creates an Overlay bubble which is light and makes its self less visible and small after in activity.

App switcher is tested on various devices for battery consumption and developed by taking care of it. Its consumes very less power and battery.

Here are below features that App Switcher Ragdu has :-

Ragdu Free version :-

– users can add up to 5 apps or favorite apps to switch.

– switch bubble can be positioned either on left or right side on the screen.

– easy Drag switch bubble.

– auto transparent of switch bubble after few seconds of Inactivity.

– adjustable vibration duration.

– adjustable bubble transparency.

– users can edit (add/remove) apps.

Ragdu Pro Version with extra features :-

– no Ads.

– auto start on boot.

– life time updates.

App switcher Ragdu is very light weight and takes very less space in Memory also on Device.

Give appropriate feedback to keep up the work so that consistent development keeps on going.

For more information or any kind of queries, drop an email.

Happy App Switching!!!

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