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Animal Hunting Games Gun Games

About Animal Hunting Games Gun Games

Animal hunting games including Lion, Bear, Leopard, Coyote in 3 different modes

Hunting Games 3D: Wild Animals 2022 Shooting Games.

In Hunting Games 3D you have the opportunity to hunt Lion, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear, Snow Leopard, Coyote in stunning forest wilderness. The game has visually stunning wilderness, from lush green meadows where deer, elephant, zebra come to gaze to snowy fields like in USA where once bigfoot use to roam – to safari hunting jungles. There are many free sniper shooting games out there right now, but this one has many unique features. In this sniper 3d gun shooter game, you can hunt coyote chasing down ibex goats in Alaskan summer. You will find grizzly bear chasing down deer in Alaskan wilderness. In these action games tame some polar bears while they try to kill reindeer. Hunt swift snow leopard before it catches the moose. In the lion gun games you can hunt the king of jungle before it catches the buffalo.

Animal Hunting Sniper Shooter: Jungle Safari android game 2021 has three modes:


In this epic hunting game chase you must help the prey from following wild animals. Kill the wild animal before it kills the preys. Preys include Deer, Moose, Reindeer, Goat, Wilder Beast, Buffalo, Bambi, Oryx.


In these hunting gun games, you must hunt the wild animal charging at you. Hunt before it hunts you. Battle of nerves gun games.


Hunt the nearby passing animals. Make sure to not let them slip away in this safari sniper 3d gun shooter game.

The Deer hunting games are very interesting and full of adventure in animal hunting games and animal shooting games. There are multiple snipers so that you can enjoy free sniper shooter. You are challenged here by multiple terrains and weathers, you sit and wait for the right time, it’s a complete package with complete adrenaline rush game. In some stages you can freely hunt animals in safari hunting mode.

These is an offline game and all the shooting games are free to play. The game has the same thrill as any Wild dinosaur hunting real zoo game. A dinosaur hunting games mode will also be added soon. So that you can enjoy your shooting games of dino along with wild animals.

You can upgrade your snipers to continue enjoying your gun games. The game allows you to freely collect coins by playing on levels, one you have enough coins you can buy new guns and take your gun games to a next level. Be the best hunter out there. A good hunter is the one who is lethal with snipers. This sniper 3d gun shooter game offers you a great range of snipers for free. You can choose between: steyr scout sniper, M1, Kar-1 and many others.

The game has been made for people into FPS shooting games, hunting simulators, deer simulators, shooting games, gun games, gun games 3d, animal games, animal hunting games and for those who while watching Nat Geo Wild always wanted for the prey to escape from following lions, now is your time to help them escape.

If you are into trophies, the game has several trophies to earn from lion hunting games to leopard hunting games or any other kind of hunting jungle animal simulator games.

Hunting games are all about thrill, in this FPS shooting game you have the chance of hunting down polar bear and snow leopard in a thrilling chase where these animals are chasing down deer or moose. The modes in these animal games are very addictive, once you start them you just want to finish it in one go. Animal Shooting Games 2022 is the latest real world looking sniper hunting game in the marketplace. Your best snipping skills are being tested in this game. Special attention has been given to game menus so that it’s very easy to navigate and play.

In this limited addition we are offering a lot of rewards and coins so that you can enjoy your hunting games 3D without any hindrance.

And in these safari hunting games you have the opportunity to hunt down these beasts:


Snow Leopard


Brown Bear

Polar Bear

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