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2023-06-16 11:11:17
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Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Android 13 Style Launcher

About Android 13 Style Launcher

Android 13 Style launcher makes your smartphone stylish & elegant.

Android 13 Style launcher makes your smartphone stylish & elegant. It is inspired from latest android version.

While our smartphones are new we tend to use them for years but after a while, our smartphones seems boring to us. Why not remove the old stock launcher?

We daily check our phone hundred times a day and the first thing that we see is the home screen with beautiful wallpaper. Good wallpapers can really influence our mood and it also expresses our unique personality. Android 13 Style launcher will give a unique and attractive look to your edge to edge (Galaxy S23 ultra, Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Note 20, Note 10) display phones.

Core Features:

– Launcher

– File management

– User-initiated installation of app packages

– Backup and restore

Other Features:

– Paged desktop

– Scroll-able background

– Vertical app drawer

– Search bar

– Support Icon packs

– Hide apps

– Swipe to open drawer

– Gestures

– Sidebar for quick access

– Desktop Widgets

– Notification badge

– Intuitive and fast navigation of applications.

– Android 13 Style launcher is for all types of mobile phones

– Android 13 Style launcher is completely free to use.

– Create Shortcuts of most used application on desktop.

– Built-In File Explorer support for Android 13 Style launcher

– File manager can be used to access, edit and manage files and folders outside of app-specific storage space.

– Supported file manager features are create folders, cut, copy, paste, share etc.

– File manager lists all of your drives i.e. Internal storage, SD card & USB drive.

– Recycle Bin feature for file manager

– Built-in zip/unzip support

– Open pictures, audio & video files.

Enjoy amazing Android 13 Style Launcher !

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