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Amar Chat & Real Friend

About Amar

An online dating & matching platform that allows texting, voice and video chat

On Amar, you can meet and date your partner!

Millions of couples and friends have met at Amar. Are you ready?

Amar is a real and reliable dating platform.

You can text, have voice chat and video chat with strangers here

Each user needs to be verified by real name. It’s so easy to make friends sincerely!

[Same Town Friends]

With the help of authoritative AI algorithm, the profile is clear and helps you make friends and dates faster, regardless of distance!

[Real Person Verification]

Through the authoritative AI algorithm auditing, the real person verification can get an exclusive label to ensure that every user is a real person and reliable!

[Audio and Video Dating]

Real-time audio and video chatting, helping you to understand your friends more directly. It makes chatting simpler and making friends easier!

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