Agent of Adventure

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2023-06-16 19:02:38
Free Role Playing Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Agent of Adventure

About Agent of Adventure

This is an RPG game in which you hire adventurers and raise a town.

“A true adventurer must be a coward.”

Someone said so.

These words are the only truth that will survive in this world.

Only those who survive can pass it on to future generations.

Heroes who die along the way cannot make history.

In order to make history, we must survive at all costs.

But we must not forget.

The dead adventurers had their own history, their own stories…

This game is about sending adventurers out to explore, and using the rewards they earn to develop their villages.

In the process, many adventurers will die in the course of their adventures.

Mourn their deaths, but do not let them go to waste.

What they left behind will be left behind in the gorgeous old city and will be passed on to the next generation.


It is almost impossible to grow attached to an adventurer.

It is an adventure so demanding that you cannot hope to see him or her live out his or her life.

In order to play this game, you need to give proper orders to your adventurers without being sentimental.

Even if you know that those adventurers will die…

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