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2023-06-15 12:43:28
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+


About 1MagLeft

Multiplayer Military Third Person Shooter

***Not recommended for older phones***

Main Features:

1. 25 Weapons including Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Snipers, Shotguns, Pistols and Knives!

2. 8 Maps to hit the battlefield with, each giving you a new experience to fight within!

3. 6 Game Modes: Free For All, Team DeathMatch, Gun Game, Domination, Demolition and Elimination!

4. Competitive ranked play

5. 130 Ranks to work towards, max rank giving you the premium fire and ice skin for all weapons and characters!

6. 5 Main characters to choose from, and tons of skins to make you stand out from your opponents!

7. Weapon and Character customization to make every battle feel unique and fresh!

8. Clans and Leaderboards, do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

9. Crosshair Customization,Matchmaking, Server Browser, Player Stats, Friends List and the list goes on!

10. No P2W mechanics, everybody is on an even playing field!

11. Daily Rewards giving you premium coins, everybody will have some style in combat!

***4gb of ram is recommended for the game to run correct, anything lower and you might run into issues.

*** If your Android device has 6gb of ram or more you can change the graphics to beautiful, if your Android device is below 6gb of ram do NOT change the graphics settings or it will crash!

***if you run into any issues with the game please join the official discord server and I will help you out the best I can.

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