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Free Board Game
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Android 6.0+

101 Okey Mi & Savaş uçağı

About 101 Okey Mi & Savaş uçağı

Free Fun 101 okey game brings added joy to the Okey game

⦁Description:“Non-gambling games”,“No money included”,“For fun only”,“Fair play”,“anti-cheat”18+

 Concept: Offers fun and happy games to more players
 Social play: You can play real-time voice chat in rooms and in-game
 Games: Rummy, Backgammon
 Adaptability: Games suitable for all phones, Online games that adapt to all network environments

 101 Okey Mi Now, many people say what kind of okey games are in the game promotion, their rich content, Here we need to tell you about our production concepts and ideas.

 First of all, we found that there is a very popular game genre in Turkey while making games: Okey,101Okey,Batak,Uno,Solitaire,Pişti,We chose 101 Okey among so many game types,We think that there are better places for 101 Okey, 101 Okey has other games. it is more difficult than free games, okey game is more competitive and fast paced game, we evaluated mobile game users, they prefer fast paced game products, so we chose 101 Okey as the main game, our friends always say that this is a stone game that can really bring you joy they said it was.

 Combined the atmosphere of playing the real okey game, provided the function of opening the room to play, You can sit at the same table with your best friends and compete with strangers at the same table And provided the interactive function of real-time audio, Although we can not completely recreate the experience in reality, we try to restore the scene of this game as much as possible We are working hard, We make sure Users can enjoy playing Okey offline as much as possible.

 Facebook, Google, Phone Login, Guest login etc. for social functions to play a bigger role. Provided four ways such as

 Actually when we were in the Cafe, we saw that everyone likes to play backgammon, It’s a traditional gameplay, we added it to the game.

 We have recently updated the Rocket crash game,This rocket game is really fun,Win or lose is entirely your decision,The pleasure you feel in the rocket is happier than the okey game.

 As the product becomes more and more perfect, we have adapted and Optimized for Samsung, MOTO, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei and other popular mobile phone models, more and more users are allowed to play our games smoothly, 2G/3G, 4G and WIFI in some areas network has also been made some adjustments, we have made them so that everyone can play in different network environments.

 Finally, thank you very much for seeing this, you can click the link below to enter the player group, our customer service will serve you during working time.

1. Instagram:101_Okey_Mi
2. Facebook:101 okay MIG Studio
3. Youtube:MI 101 OKEY
4. Telegram:101 OKEY MI
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