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About 1 Radio – News & More

Listen to news radio. Hourly. Daily. Live.

News radio headlines on-demand and live world radio news in English.

? Welcome to Steve’s 1 Radio News ?

Celebrating ten years and 200,000+ downloads with new shows and stations added.

I wanted a simple world radio news app, so I built it. I like to quickly listen to radio news hourly headlines on-demand and then stream live world radio news like the BBC World Service.

How about you?

Please try this free news radio app and let me know if you like it too!

Learn more …

Press one simple green “Play-All” button to listen to hourly radio news.

Or you can listen one at a time to over ten top on-demand English-language breaking news headline sources (1) like BBC News radio, NPR news, CBC, VOA, Fox News Radio, NHK, RFI, UK SkyNews, CBS News Radio, etc. gathered in one convenient place. It’s like Amazon Alexa’s Flash Briefing without the Amazon Echo required.

Our new daily news collection included NPR’s Up First, The Daily podcast from the New York Times, the BBC’s Global News and Newshour podcasts, as well as news shows from Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India and more.

After the news podcasts, listen live to our top twenty collection of live radio news stations.

Live stations (1) include the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, NPR news (US), CBC (Canada), NDTV audio from India, Al Jazeera, France 24, KBS from Korea, ABC Radio Australia, Voice of America, RTE Radio 1 from Ireland, and more radio news stations – all in English. The NPR news live stream includes Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Try this free radio app to see all the stations. It’s like shortwave radio reborn. (If you are asking what the heck shortwave radio is, that’s OK … if you love real news, this app is for you) The app works best on 4G or WiFi.

Let us know how you like the news app and email us any technical questions: [email protected]

Happy Listening!

Steven Clift

1 Radio News Guy

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(1) This is an independent podcast and audio player app. No endorsement is implied and radio networks own their own content. App provides convenient access to publicly shared audio content.

➤ Updates

⦿ New Player – Rewind 10 seconds, fast forward to a specific time and more.

⦿ Press Play All for an experience like Amazon Echo’s Alexa provides with their Flash Briefing.

⦿ To celebrate 100,000 installs we’ve added RTE Radio 1 from Ireland, Radio New Zealand National, 680 News from Toronto, Canada, WNYC from New York, AIR India Rainbow and Gold FM, and News Radio UK.

⦿ CBS Radio – In the United States, CBS Radio has a number of all news and news talk stations like WBBM.

Try our new companion app too – TV News App: http://tvnewsapp.com

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