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Free Card Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

한게임 섯다&맞고

About 한게임 섯다&맞고

★ 1st place in Korea ★

■ How to fix the problem of not being able to update!

1. After connecting to Hangame Seotda, click the [Update] button

2. Press the back button to move to the game list and search for Hangamesotda

3. Click the Hangame Seotda [Update] button

4. Restart Hangame Seotda after the update!

Seotda of seotda, Hangame The taste of seotda is on mobile!

Feel the essence of seotda in the mobile Hangame Seotda with the tension of the big game, the meticulous battle of the eyes, and the thrilling taste

■ Now, enjoy hitting in Seotda!

An exhilarating bout, hitgo mode blitz release!

Feel the true taste of right!

■ GUCC certified! Game user protection measures authentication game.

■ The moment you become one with Ding, the super-blow Ding-pat explodes! (New)

If 5 people appear on the result screen, you win the ding!

Were you defeated by the secret word samurai with Gwangtin? If so, you win a hidden dotpot! (Chapter 2 Seotda only)

From now on, the value of the Ding you catch will increase!

■ Seotda and Badugi meet, seotduki! (Only in one game!)

■ With friends, friendly battles

In a breathtaking battle with a friend, who is the winner?

■ The first seotda game, hold’em seotda!

Tazzas who feel bored with the 2nd and 3rd chapters!

Enjoy new fun with Hold’em Seotda, which is only available in Hangame Seotda.

Hold’em and Seotda’s fantastic collaboration! Hold’em seotda!

■ Seotda Tournament Strongest Challenge!

We hold regular tournaments every week!

Be the strongest in each mode of 2 Jang Seotda/3 Jang Seotda/Hold’em Seotda.

■ Now fight with guts

In 2 Jang Seotda / 3 Jang Seotda, sometimes there is a battle of guts.

Test your guts and become the winner of the big game.

■ Road to the city before ranking!

Compete with your friends for your ranking every week,

Win the competition and climb the ranks.

■ Realistic hand taste!

Feel the thrill and fun of playing with real friends now on your mobile.

With Hangame Seotda, you can feel the real taste of your hands anytime, anywhere.

■ With genealogy, even beginners are no longer worried!

Worried about being a beginner? Stop worrying about Hangameseotda.

With the genealogy at a glance, you are not afraid of the big plates.

■ App access permission information

-Address Book: Required permission, used when logging in to Google.

– Photos, media, files (storage space): Required permissions are used when downloading content.

– Call: This is an essential permission and is used to check the device status.

※ If you are using a smartphone with Android version 6.0 or lower, all essential access rights can be applied without selective access rights.

After upgrading the operating system to 6.0 or higher, we inform you that it is possible to set up selective access rights by reinstalling the app.

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Review of Hangame Seotda 2017.05.10 (No. CC-OM-170510-001)

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