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프리콘 가장 쉬운 이모티콘 리워드 앱

About 프리콘

It is a money-making app that can receive emoticons and condolences for free. Get rich with Freecon by earning free charging stations, currency accumulation, game participation rewards and referrals

▷ What kind of application is FreeCon?

Using KakaoTalk login, you can sign up more easily than anyone,

The app tech we know is going to be a leader among apps called earning apps.

In addition to participating in advertisements like the existing app,

Through earning currency, earning participation in games, and earning referrals

It is an app tech app that can collect points and cash to receive KakaoTalk emoticons.

We will add a system that can be exchanged for gifticons of various types of gift certificates and convenience stores, cafes, eating out, and movies available in other apps.

▷ We will introduce the advantages of making money pre-con.

1. Other money earns higher advertising costs than the app.

2. If another customer recommends me when signing up for membership, you will receive 10000 points each.

3. You can purchase KakaoTalk emoticons that cannot be seen in other apps.

4. You can have a Kakao Talk emoticon at an affordable price by drawing a pre-con.

5. You can earn additional points through the call accumulation alarm that appears after the call.

6. You can get additional points for each mini-game through the games that are added all the time.

7. Through the call statistics, you can check who I frequently contact and who is neglected.

8. There are various ways to earn more than any application.

▷ How to Earn FreeCon Points

1. Free charging station

-Participate in various campaigns and earn points at a total of 4 free charging stations

As early as 10 minutes! I can get the katok emoticons I want to have within 30 minutes at the latest.

2. Currency

-After the end of the call, the alarm for earning precon points randomly appears!!

At this time, you can add points by clicking without missing! You can purchase KakaoTalk emoticons with this point!!

3. Attendance Event

-Automatic attendance check even if you just turn on the FreeCon app every day!!

Points are accumulated every day by attendance ^^

It’s an app that makes money with Otto.

4. Referrer

-Additional bonus if a friend I recommend joins!

We give you 10,000 points.

5. Game participation

-Play a simple game and give game participation points per bout

In addition, earned points by ranking each week saying that you are in the ranking!

Very good killing time.

▷ How to receive KakaoTalk emoticons!!

1. Collect points and purchase KakaoTalk emoticons.

2. What if the emoticon is expensive?

-Please use the free cone drawing! You can get a chance to win at 1/100 price.

It is won by drawing and makes KakaoTalk emoticons into mine.

3. If there is no katok emoticon that I am looking for, please add it to the official cafe!!

▷ Notice & Information

1. Do not write your nickname (recommended person) in the Google Play review. Monitoring of app reviews that violate ( is taking place.

2. If you write a nickname for publicity in the Google Play review, you may be subject to sanctions for use of the service or the accumulated reserves may be collected.

2. For recommendation nickname exposure and promotion, please use SNS, blog, cafe, website, etc., except for Google Play app reviews.

3. The use of the account may be restricted when false facts are distributed or price promotions are caught or reported for the purpose of depositing referrals.

4. When writing reviews such as adult, gambling, dissemination of false facts, blackmail, slander, and abuse, app use may be restricted without prior notice.

5. Rewards are not paid for advertisements other than charging stations.

Request for authority

In order to check user authentication information on the device, it is necessary to allow access to the device information.

Telephone (*required)

-Phone access is required to check user authentication information on the device.

Storage space (*required)

-It is necessary to allow file access to check user authentication information on the device.

Address book (*required)

-It is necessary to allow access to the address book to check user authentication information on the device.

▷ Other inquiries

Please use the FreeCon official cafe

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