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Free Music Game
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Android 5.0+

프로젝트 세카이 컬러풀 스테이지! feat.하츠네 미쿠

About 프로젝트 세카이 컬러풀 스테이지! feat.하츠네 미쿠

Hatsune Miku Appears! A popular mobile rhythm game!

Thanks for downloading the game!

It will be officially opened at 12:00 on May 20th, so please look forward to it!

‘Sekai’ is a place where you can find your true heart.’ – Hatsune Miku

This game tells the story of a team of five music-loving boys and girls who accidentally enter a virtual sekai created from their hearts and find their ‘true heart’ with the help of virtual singers including Hatsune Miku. Meet ‘popular virtual singers’ and experience ‘a new type of rhythm game’. Listen to ‘various popular VOCALOID music’ and experience ‘a feast of the senses with your eyes and ears’. In ‘Virtual Live’, there are many fun elements such as making friends!

Find the hearts of boys and girls with a virtual singer and step up to Sekai’s stage!

[Joint stage of Hatsune Miku and popular virtual singer!]

Enjoy the story in two completely different stages of ‘Sekai’ from the real world with six virtual singers: Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, Meiko, and Kaito.

[Familiar yet new way to play rhythm game]

The transcription design of the classic arcade game has been reproduced with free-form rhythm notes, accurate note judgment, and long intersecting slides!

By introducing a ‘slide-up’, the actual operation and the movement of the character may match!

You can freely choose from a total of 5 difficulty levels, from ‘EASY’ to ‘MASTER’, and everyone from beginners who like Hatsune Miku’s rhythm games to masters of rhythm games who want to challenge their limits can enjoy it.

With the Auto Live function, you can automatically clear Live and earn rewards at once.

Enjoy live on the same stage with other players in multi-live mode! FEVER/SUPER You can get additional item rewards when you complete FEVER time!

[Popular VOCALOID Music Collection]

VOCALOID Hall of Fame music, new original soundtrack in collaboration with VOCALOID Producer.

THE END OF HATSUNE MIKU (Lyricist: cosMo@Bousou-P Composer: cosMo@Bousou-P)

BRING IT ON (Lyricist: Reol Composer: Giga )

Tell Your World (Lyricist: kz Composer: kz )

HIBANA -Reloaded- (Lyricist: DECO*27 Composer: DECO*27 )

Composing the Future (Lyric: mafumafu Composer: mafumafu )

SEKAI (Lyricist: DECO*27 Composer: Shota Horie(kemu) )

Wah Wah World (Lyrics: Mitchie M Composers: Giga & Mitchie M )

Jishoumushoku(Lyricist: Sasanomaly Composer: Sasanomaly )

ROKI (Lyricist: mikitoP Composer: mikitoP )

[Virtual live to enjoy together]

Enjoy Virtual Live with other players! You can even enter a private room with your friends!

Have a fun party on important days such as Valentine’s Day/Halloween Day/New Year’s Live! Congratulations to Hatsune Miku and everyone!

There is no room for boredom even while waiting. Use emojis and motions to make friends with your taste buds.

You can freely adjust the viewpoint by touching the screen to shake the light stick, or by sliding or tilting the screen. Cheer in your favorite way.

Do you think your outfit is too plain? it’s okay! Change the style of your avatar. Today I am the coolest cheering master!

[Feast of the senses to enjoy with the eyes and ears]

Lyrics and images are displayed directly in the live background, adding fun and fun to play.

You can feel the character’s passion and dreams in 360 degrees with 3D live performances that are synchronized with your play!

Enjoy a wonderful performance in 3D MV and you are free to choose your favorite member.

[Experience as if you were in the field]

A childhood friend who is getting farther away, a girl with bad luck who keeps dropping out of auditions, a shy girl who dreams of becoming a musician, an actress who goes unnoticed, and a member of an online circle she’s never actually met. The back story of five teams of boys and girls who love music awaits you.

After acquiring members, freely combining and nurturing them, raise your character’s level to the maximum to improve your overall skills!

You can enjoy the scenario dialogue scenes realized with live 2D technology. You can also unlock new outfits to customize your character.

Additional rewards can be obtained when exploring 7 real world maps, 5 ‘Sekai’ maps, and character relationships!

[Description of required access rights]

When using customer service, you may request the following permission to provide relevant proof.

• CAMERA: Camera (taking pictures and recording videos)

• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE、WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: device read photos, media and files

[Related access rights cancellation]

– After agreeing to the access right, you can reset or revoke the access right as follows.

– Android 6.0 and above: Settings > Applications > Proseca > Permissions > Accept or Revoke Access Permissions

– Adroid 6.0 or lower version: revoke access rights through operating system upgrade or application deletion

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