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클로버9 가치높은 남녀들의 아지트 (클로버나인)

About 클로버9

Hideout of high-value men and women

Welcome to Clover 9.

Please read the information below and proceed with membership registration.

Clover 9 is a high-value hideout for men and women.

Clover9 is a hideout and community for men and women of high value.

Depending on how high the value of its members is, the value or synergy produced in the community differs qualitatively. Clover9 is a place where proven members gather to create high value and synergy, and it is the most advanced form of community where positive encounters are made through exchanges between men and women with high values.

What is a person of high value?

A person’s value can be largely divided into ability value, appearance value, and internal value.

– Ability value: Social ability such as income, assets, academic, job, etc.

– Appearance Value: Handsome or beautiful appearance

– Inner values: inner mind, courtesy, etc.

Ability value isn’t just about assets or jobs. Behind that lies the effort and tenacity to acquire the value of ability, and the value of ability itself is the identity of the person. Please respect each other for the value of ability.

Appearance value does not simply mean appearance. Appearance value is the fruit of your philosophy, a value that has a lot of influence, and is a very important value on a par with ability value. Please respect each other for the value of appearance.

A high-value person in Clover9 is a person who has all three values ​​and meets all of the member value triangle.

You cannot sign up if any of the three values ​​are exceeded. For example, even if you have 10 billion assets, you cannot join if you do not have the minimum appearance value, and no matter how handsome or beautiful you are, you cannot join if you do not have the minimum ability value.

What can I do in Clover 9?

– High Value Community (Rabbit Hole): A rabbit hole is a real-time, volatile, anonymous community. Show off your badge anonymously or send crushes and business cards to anonymous opponents. You can also take a peek at the high-value daily life of members that are uploaded in real time.

– Valuable blind date: Get introduced to only the opposite sex you want with Bespoke. You can customize your age, height, badge, distance, etc. as you like.

– High-value gatherings: Open a club and have regular meetings with members.

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