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Development trends, Q&A, and even networking with top developers. So that anyone can grow easily and conveniently. Essential community for today’s developers

Developers who don’t want to fall behind the trend

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The latest industry news, tech trends, practical experience, knowledge, and networking all at once

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● It’s too late to find out tomorrow ‘Real-time trend content’

Real-time sharing by domestic/foreign incumbent developers

The latest trends, industry trends, and even the thoughts and comments of incumbents

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● For practical questions, click ‘Developer Q&A’

When you are worried about your career, when you get stuck in development, when you have work-related questions

Field experts will solve the problem together.

● Create a network

From domestic/overseas startups to famous IT service companies such as Nekarakubae

From junior developers to seniors, tech leads, and CTOs, on a platform

Enter your profile, network with people, and make connections.

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[Guidance on App Access Permissions]

■ Required Access Rights: None

■ Optional access rights

-Camera: Used to provide photo taking function

– File and media: Used to provide upload function for photos, videos, files, etc. stored on the device

-Address Book: Used to recommend friends through the address book stored on the device

* Even if you do not agree to the optional access right, you can use the service except for some functions that require the right.

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