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착한부품 [자동차 ECO 부품 종합 쇼핑몰]

About 착한부품

Automotive ECO parts (used parts/remanufactured parts/substitute parts/imported parts/new) shopping mall

[Eco-friendly recycled automobile parts]

It is an Internet shopping mall that sells 2,000 remanufactured automobile parts of 10 types and 450,000 eco-friendly used parts.

900,000 cumulative registered parts, 450,000 parts currently available for sale, 300,000 members, 10 billion accumulated sales, 200,000 accumulated sales, 8 million accumulated visitors, 118 million accumulated page views month)

[What are good parts]

There are approximately 25,000 parts in each car that is scrapped. If you separate them one by one, you can recycle about 95% of your car. Good parts refer to eco-friendly, reusable automobile parts that have been transformed into reliable products by strictly complying with the quality, distribution, and management standards presented by the Insurance Development Institute. Good parts that can save the earth the more you use them!!

[Automotive Remanufactured Parts]

It refers to a product made in a state in which the original performance can be maintained through a series of processes using the product after use as the main raw material. In addition to the quality and cost reduction effect from the consumer’s point of view, energy and resource saving and carbon emission reduction from the national point of view are significant factors. It’s a good piece that works.

[Features of Good Parts]

– Good price: 70%~80% discount effect

– Good quality: 100% exchange/refund, issue of quality guarantee

– Good heart: CO2 reduction effect through parts reuse

– Issuance of quality assurance certificates for all products and management of barcodes

– Implementation of eco-friendly (used) parts traceability system for purchased automobiles

– Delivery via standard shipping box

[National Junkyard Association Shopping Mall]

Good parts are supplied in real time from over 140 junkyards nationwide and posted on the website. Used car parts and good parts are not available anywhere in Korea.

[Good Insurance ECO Special Contract]

“If you repair it with good parts, the insurance company will give you cash!!!”

The eco-friendly ECO parts special contract is a special contract in which an insurance company returns up to 20% of the new product price to the borrower and maintenance office as a bounty when eco-friendly used parts are used for insurance repairs.

[With the government of the Republic of Korea]

It is an automobile remanufacturing shopping mall created with government support as part of the “Competitiveness Reinforcement Project by Industry” supervised by the Win-Win Growth Committee.

[Quality Certified Parts]

We only sell manufacturers and products that have passed strict quality standards set by the Remanufacturing Association so that customers can purchase with confidence. You can buy with confidence.

[Provides friendly parts consultation]

Customer Center 1566 – 8209

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