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작명 어플 넴유베 이름짓기, 이름풀이, 이름추천, 개명

About 작명 어플 넴유베 이름짓기, 이름풀이, 이름추천, 개명

★ Cumulative number of downloads exceeded 1.2 million ★- 元祖 Naming App Since 2013 – Feel the reward of creating your own name with love and sincerity

▶ I want to name my baby name.

▶ Do you want to present a beautiful and suitable name for your child who is ahead of the birth?

Name Your Baby, the leader of “naming app”, will help you with your troubles.

This application is a systematic analysis of the various theories of the theory of religion from the past to the present through cooperation between Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and Yusuo Soft. It is based on the most universally accepted and theoretically valid orthodox statement.

Contents, functions and designs of NemuBe are registered as patents (No. 10-1514656), and unauthorized use of contents for commercial purposes may be subject to legal sanctions.

===== How to use Nemubu =====

If you download this app, please follow the steps below.

▶ Step 1: Easy-to-understand name-learning theory

The reason many parents are afraid of naming newborns is because of the prejudice that it is difficult to make a statement.

In fact, it is also true that many of the thicker textbooks do not allow the general public to use words that are difficult to understand.

However, it is better to directly identify and judge the naming theories that are not difficult for you to build baby names or to find out whether our baby names are good or bad, or to avoid indiscriminate renunciation.

The easy-to-understand naming of this naming application excludes difficult terms and makes it easy for anyone to compose a minimal page. If you invest only ten minutes, you can lay the foundation for naming without having to go to a naming place.

▶ Step 2: Nomination Helper – Practice of the Theory of the Name

Based on the theory of naming you learned in easy-to-understand naming, think about the proper names for your baby. To help you apply naming conventions as you make your name, Nemuve offers you free repairs, analysis of the pentagrams of the Five Kingdoms, the calculation of the Empire, the Dictionary of the Supreme Court, and self-naming Basic functions.

If you decide to name yourself, try naming yourself through these features and build your own name based on your name resolution.

▶ Step 3: Nomination Wizard (Optional) – Review the conformity of real-time statement conditions and get appropriate name suggestions

Nemuve recommends that you use Step1 and Step2 to create your own baby names. This is because parents or family members who have seen the child can create a name that best suits their child and can be more careful than anyone else.

However, if you want to understand Korean name or kanji suitable for it in real time more easily, or you do not come up with a name that you desire, you can utilize the function of Step3, but please understand that this function is provided for a fee.

♥ Sub Category: Self Named PRO

Self-naming PRO is an extension of self-naming BASIC, which is designed to make it easier for parents to create their own names. Please enter the name of the Hangul you are thinking of, and judge whether it is suitable for the five lines and the yin and yang. After that, you can select Chinese characters that are recommended for Hangul name based on the number of strokes and resources. Kanji that Nemu recommends (thumb, exclamation point image) is a very good kanji term. If you do not have a recommended kanji, there is no Kanji for the Hangul that meets all the conditions. If you look for a kanji that has both thumb and exclamation point images, you can get good results. However, if you decide that you do not need to satisfy all the conditions, you can choose other Chinese characters that are not recommended and make the best Chinese characters.

♥ Sub Category: Get name suggestions

When you enter basic information, this function will give you the appropriate name to match the information. The name provided is applied to 200,000 Hangul names that can be combined with Hangul pronunciation through the 1st filtering after the condition applied and the 2nd selection process and the 3rd preference survey method. Candidates were surveyed by 100 parents of young parents in their 20s and 40s, and conducted a survey of their preferences for about four months from December, 2012 to March, 2013.

We then examine the fitness of the first and last names of 278 surnames, including the rule of thumb (ex. Ryu, Yu), and select the final name pool based on the results of the current registered names, and provide services based on this. Also, in the case of the kanji name, it excludes the kanji which is called the insoluble character though it has a lot of controversy, and it has tried to exclude the kanji whose parents have sensitive meanings because of the characteristic of the kanji having various meanings. The last name provided is periodically changed based on the preference survey and reflects the current trend of the name as much as possible.

Note: The affinity of a name is quite subjective. In other words, based on the results of the preference survey, we can deduce that the names have a large margin of preference for each person. The names provided in this naming application are based on the average of the rating survey, so personal preferences may exist.


1. Does the program provide a combination name?

I have received many of the above questions while running this naming app. I would like to ask the question in reverse. Do you think the name combination is possible with the program? Nemu ‘s answer is’ No’ because the program can not tell whether the pronunciation of the combination of Hangul is suitable for the name. The name Candidate, which can be combined with the Hangul pronunciation of the supreme court name dictionary, is about 200,000. However, there are many pronunciation combinations that can be mixed with profanity and can be funny. The program does not know at all whether the pronunciation is profanity or not. That is, the recommended name of Nemu is the result of the manual work that created each name by adding 200,000 names to each individual and pronouncing them. In order to ensure objectivity, we have included various data such as the above mentioned preference survey and the name of the baby being registered.

2. Does not provide the name resolution function?

BASIC functions can be used for naming purposes impressions. However, do not worry if you consider renaming simply because the result is not good. I think it is right to refrain from renaming the name because it does not fit the name of the precious name that my parents made with the repair of the gun. Those who need a change of name are limited to the case where the name of the person is not good and the social life is disturbed. The reason for such a change is not the name resolution, such as repairs of guns, but the person himself / herself can better grasp it.

3. Where do I ask questions or errors?

For any questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]. Inquiries from reviewers can not be delivered to the developer in real time.

[Required Access Rights]

Storage space: required for storage of the name and name book on the user’s mobile phone

I hope you will use NemuBe to make a lot of beautiful and favorite names.

Thank you.

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