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Free Simulation Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

우주소녀 키우기 방치형 RPG

About 우주소녀 키우기

An neglected space girl that can be manipulated directly! Drones and Busterbots that get stronger as they evolve! Go to space with Cosmic Girl Luna

Humanity created powerful energy of the pan-universe class, and an AI robot trying to take it away

Humanity is in danger due to the robot rebellion.

Cosmic girl Luna goes to space to protect her energy source!

Embark on a journey to protect humanity with Luna!

◈ Easy idle action RPG, super fast growth!

– Idle RPG that can be operated directly with your fingertips

– Fast growth, speedy stage progression!

◈ Various skills unlocked with weapons!

– Various action skills, summoning skills that attack numerous enemies with a wide range!

– Awaken your skills and enjoy more powerful and splendid!

◈ Busterbot gets stronger as it evolves!

– The more you evolve, the more splendid War Machine, Busterbot!

– Meet the powerful Busterbots you’ve never experienced before

◈ Battle with drones!

– A drone that fights with Cosmic Girls!

– Play strategically by combining drones

◈ Exciting strategy play. Before Tier Promotion!

– The higher the rank, the stronger the Cosmic Girls!

– Challenge bosses of various patterns!

◈ Battle of overwhelming scale. Giant World Boss!

– Overwhelming scale world boss that gets stronger and stronger

– Challenge the ranking by avoiding the attack of the powerful World Boss!

◈ Higher rewards as you grow! Various dungeon contents

– The more space girl grows, the more rewards!

– Challenge various dungeons and earn rewards

◈ Strength and beauty at the same time! WJSN Costume

– From beautiful visuals to being strong!

– Collect various space girl costumes

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Minimum specs to play 「Raising Cosmic Girls」

– Android 5.0 or higher

– RAM:1GB ​​(2GB or more recommended)

– Quad-core CPU recommended

– There may be differences in performance depending on the model.

– Some models are not supported.

– SIM Free terminals are not supported.

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