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비내리는 다락방

About 비내리는 다락방

Please come to your friend once cool.
‘Rain-falling attic’

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‘Rainy Single Room’ Book Information


▶Game Introduction◀

The sequel to the simple neglect game Rainy Dankanbang has arrived.

Emotional touch game ‘Rainy attic’

Here it rains 365 days a year.

You came to the attic one day

Talk to a depressed friend who lives alone.

Gather your heart and water to watch the room gradually change.

It is difficult to get to know everyone at once.

But if you take it slow and take it slow

Maybe one day you will open your heart and see a change.

▶How to become friends◀

1. to tell a story

2. Decorate the room with different pieces of furniture

3. Clean room clutter, such as cobwebs and dust

Please check the rest in-game.


1. The ‘Rainy Attic’ game is fiction, just like its predecessor, and has nothing to do with reality.

Therefore, you should not follow the unrealistic or dangerous content in the game yourself.

2. It is not recommended to play at random times. What has happened since then is as follows, and this responsibility rests with the players, and it will return to its original state over time.

1) Water becomes negative

2) Abnormally increased time, etc.

We do not recommend changing the time out of curiosity or intentionally.

3. Advertisements can be viewed about once every 4 minutes while the game is connected, and there is a limit to the amount of ads that can be viewed per day. (Reset is based on 24 hours.)

If you watch an advertisement in a place where Wi-Fi is unstable, such as a cafe or subway, when you go out, the Internet environment is not good, so the phenomenon of preparation may occur and the advertisement may not appear.

Lastly, advertising is provided by us from other companies. Therefore, we would like to inform you that this phenomenon may occur due to exhaustion of advertisement volume and server instability, and we are unable to help you with this.


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Contact: 010-4882-6924

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