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블랙야크 알파인 클럽 BAC

About 블랙야크 알파인 클럽 BAC

New exploration, fun together. Start your challenging challenge with fun at the Blackyak Alpine Club (BAC).

BAC (Blackyak Alpine Club) is a social activity platform where you can share outdoor activities and meet diverse people while exploring Korea’s most famous mountains and beautiful islands.

Anyone who likes outdoors, such as hiking, backpacking, or camping, can sign up for free, and you can choose a challenge program you want and upload your mountain climbing certification. If you are worried about which mountain to go and who and how to go, start the challenge at BAC.

[Challenge Program]

-Myeongsan 100

-Myeongsan 100+


-Island & Mountain

-Nakdong vein

-Korea-North Korea vein

-Clean Mountain 365 (under reorganization)

[main function]

-Register for mountain certification

-View the location of certification branches by program

-View recent mountain climbing certification feed

-Join a regional challenge club and challenge together

-Club shop where you can buy BAC souvenirs such as commemorative patches

[Service center]

[email protected]

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