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Free Strategy Game
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Android 4.4+

문명정복: Era of Conquest

About 문명정복: Era of Conquest

The battlefield of civilizations around the world, Conquest of Civilizations: Era of Conquest

★Civilization Conquest New server limited open! ★

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▶ Game Introduction ◀

Civilization Conquest: Era of Conquest

Conquer everything in sight and win the battlefield of civilization!

Develop civilizations with different characteristics and foster heroes that represent civilizations

A real-time strategy mobile game that only competes with strategy

8 Civilizations and Heroes

You can choose and develop the desired civilization among 8 civilizations with different personalities.

Each civilization has a hero with outstanding abilities, and if you develop a hero,

You can use it as an excellent commander to lead your allies on the front lines of the battlefield!

Large map and 3D engine

Plains, forests, and rivers to feel realistic battlefields and delicate weather changes

It is made based on the next-generation 3D engine and has a size of 120km*120km.

You can play on a vast map.

●Multi-platform play

Mobile and PC versions are available, and free cross-play switching is supported.

Play the version the way you want!

●Global server

You can compete against strategists from all over the world in real time on a massive, globally implemented battlefield.

You can make your civilization the most powerful and special civilization in the world!

●Super large siege

There is a large-scale siege that can be enjoyed together, not alone.

Defeat the opposing coalition with a variety of strategies on the battlefield where a million troops will face each other in real time.

Take the seat of the strongest coalition!

High-speed conscription

There is no slow replenishment of troops.

A high-speed recruitment function is prepared so that you can focus only on fighting.

Fair competition

No VIP, no resource sales, you can compete with your opponent only with strategy and skill.

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■Minimum OS version

– Android: OS 4.4 or higher

– RAM 2G or more

– Storage space 1G or more

– OpenGL ES3.0+

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