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뉴스플러스 빠른 뉴스 및 이슈투표

About 뉴스플러스

Let’s vote for the latest news and issues!

◎ “News Plus” neatly categorizes and delivers carefully selected information from a flood of news.

– We deliver issues of politics, economy, society, and entertainment.

– Quickly meet hot events, accidents, and breaking news that you need to know.

– Meet popular hot issue videos.

◎ “News Plus” provides easy access to domestic portals, various media outlets, and other information pages.

– You can conveniently collect the media you want by bookmarking them.

– Frequently used media outlets are marked separately.

◎ In “News Plus”, when a hot issue arises, it is collected and organized by voting.

– You can vote for the opinions you want with your voting rights.

– You can check other people’s opinions and trending opinions.

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