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About 香港經濟日報

The Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET) provides financial information, real-time news and current affairs information, and accurate economic data on Hong Kong and the world, 24 hours a day.

“Hong Kong Economic Times” hket App provides you with the most accurate, fastest and most comprehensive financial, real estate, current affairs and social news and life information. It is constantly updated 24 hours a day to help you grasp real-time local, Chinese and global economic and financial news , Hang Seng Index, stock price trend changes, new IPO information, performance announcements, chasing and selling strategies, famous expert analysis, investment and financial management knowledge, real estate market trends, new listings, second-hand transaction news; search for bamboo shoots in 18 districts in Hong Kong, and track Current affairs and social news trends, family focus, health, parent-child and entertainment information.

“Finance, real estate, current affairs and life information”

Local, Chinese and global macroeconomics, data analysis and interpretation;

Real-time financial and financial news, new economic stocks, stock speculation, growth stocks, value stocks, potential stocks, new IPOs, performance announcements, big bank reports, sector comparisons, chasing and selling strategies;

Changes in the Hang Seng Index and stock prices;

Sino-US situation, Sino-US relations, Greater Bay Area, ESG information, knowledge of investment and financial management;

Real estate market trends, new properties, second-hand transaction news, search for bamboo shoots in 18 districts in Hong Kong;

current affairs and social news;

Family, health, parent-child and entertainment information;

Cultivate Band 1 children’s education information, encyclopedia, primary school test questions;

Continuous 24 hours a day;

The most accurate, fastest, most complete, most essential, easy to read and understand;

“Hong Kong Stock Quotation Portfolio Performance Tracking”

Real-time quotes, real-time reception of favorite stocks “important news”, “price arrival/change notification” on mobile phones, and stock changes at any time;

One-click “quote”, “news”, “performance report”, “government policy”, “big bank report”, “sector comparison” to help you make decisions;

Easy to view and use, gain and loss results at a glance;

“hket tv exclusive video”

Insightful analysis and insights from experts are available on hket Finance Channel, Real Estate Channel, Family Channel, and Health Channel;

The latest financial quotes, hot topics in the market, investment strategy deployment, real-time answers to stock questions from experts, and live broadcast on Hong Kong stock trading days;

Encyclopedias, star-chasing interviews, health consultations, and cooking skills are regularly delivered;

“Practical tools for financial management and life”

Practical tools such as new IPO, deposit interest rate, real estate mortgage computer, car boarding strategy, health and self-cultivation device, primary school test questions, etc., fully take care of your investment, financial management and life needs

“Personalized Zone”

Member Zone: Provide surprise discounts, gifts and exclusive activities for members;

E-books: e-books on popular topics, including investment and financial management, real estate and property markets, and life encyclopedias;

Self-selected news topic content: adding news topic content of personal interest, faster and easier to access

Subscriber Exclusive “Paywall”

hket investment: individual stock tracking plate perspective, closely following hot topics, real-time in-depth analysis of market dismantling;

hket Famous Experts: Gathering exclusive interviews and columns of financial and financial experts, collecting research reports from leading Chinese and foreign banks;

hket knowledge: 7 major categories of financial knowledge, group picture vocabulary explanation;

hket Newspaper: read the full text version of “Hong Kong Economic Times” newspaper and the accompanying weekly magazine “Home Buying Home”;

“Intimate function”

Low bandwidth mode: Save mobile network data and read plain text information at a very high speed.

Night Mode: According to the reading environment, switch between “Day” and “Night” modes at any time to enjoy the best reading experience.

Bookmarks are all interoperable: add bookmarks to favorite articles for easy reading in the future. All bookmarks can be used interoperably with the desktop computer version and the e-newsletter App.

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