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2023-06-16 18:58:54
Free Role Playing Game
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About 陰陽界

The Yin and Yang realms, where humans, ghosts, corpses and demons coexist and restrain each other

Inheriting the national tide culture and creating Chinese-style horror, the brand-new ghost-themed card game is shocking. It will be officially opened for download on June 2. Welcome to download and experience!

“Yin and Yang Realm” is based on classic fairy tales such as “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio” and “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”. The seven generations of marriage, the grievances and grievances between Green Snake and White Snake and Fahai, players can freely match generals, form a super powerful soul army, and conquer the worlds of Yin and Yang.

The art adopts a unique thick-painted dark horror painting style, and the UI scene drawing focuses on the expression of atmosphere. The game will incorporate a large number of elements of Chinese ghost culture, such as: coffins, cemeteries, paper money, etc., and strive to restore the concept of Chinese horror, for the players We have carefully prepared a gluttonous feast of traditional culture!

Yin Yang Realm Customer Service Line: yinyangjie plus customer service has a gift package, full of benefits!

The balance of Yin and Yang will be broken by you!

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