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2023-06-15 12:34:02
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 7.0+

脱獄ごっこPRO – 脱獄ごっこのアクションゲーム

About 脱獄ごっこPRO – 脱獄ごっこのアクションゲーム

A battle between a werewolf and a citizen for jailbreak! Popular online game!

Win the fierce battle between citizens and werewolves!

The latest information and special campaigns are being released and being carried out on the official Jailbreak Pretend Twitter!

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[Game features]

・Simple and strategic game that can be played with 3 rules!

・Let’s play Werewolf to re-jail citizens and citizens to escape from prison!

・Let’s outwit your opponent by using unique items randomly distributed!

・Werewolves are not invincible… Citizens can work together to defeat them!

[Introduction of rules]

・An asymmetrical battle multi-action “jailbreak play” between one werewolf and three citizens!

・A big brawl battle between 2 werewolves and 6 citizens!

・”5VS.5″ where teams of five compete for ice cream!

[Equipped with new functions]

・Enjoy broadcasting with everyone in “Live mode”!

・Expand your circle of friends with “Clan” and have fun! “

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