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旅楽 国内旅行予約

About 旅楽

Search for hotels and car rental rates all over Japan and make a simple reservation in as little as 1 minute! Travel music! GoTo Travel Campaign discounts are now available!

◆◆◆ Characteristics of travel music ◆◆◆

“Three points” where travel music is selected

◆ 1. Book your accommodation and rental car as a set and get up to 50% off!

Only “Travel” can book accommodation plans with rental cars departing from major airports and stations throughout Japan!

◆ 2. Rent-a-cars are listed only for companies that provide comfortable vehicles for new car registration. Rest assured that all plans include exemption compensation fees!

Carefully selected only those companies that handle all vehicles based on new car registration at the member stores of the car rental association in each region!

Only companies with high vehicle quality are listed based on the registration year within 4 years (* 1), and the vehicle year guideline is always displayed in the posting plan. In addition, you can compare all the listed plans with confidence with the amount including the exemption compensation fee (* 2).

(* 1) For some commercial vehicles, trucks, welfare vehicles, etc., there is no standard for registration within 4 years.

(* 2) The system in which the customer’s burden is exempted within the insurance coverage even if damage occurs to people, objectives, rental car vehicles, etc. is called the “exemption compensation system”.

◆ 3. Introducing a great bargain plan limited to online reservations!

Both hotels and rental cars are offered at a special price only for travel comfort, limited to online reservations.

There is also a discount plan for a limited time and a limited number of rooms and number of rooms, so it is advantageous to make an early reservation.

* A function to “find nearby” for hotels and rental cars has been added as a unique function of the app.

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